Largest Variety of Produce in the Pacific Northwest

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For a taste of the Yakima Valley's bounty, including lush produce and Washington State wine, look no further than the small farms you see along the road.

Stretching over 350,000 acres of patchwork, the fertile land of the Yakima Valley is an abundance of small farms yielding asparagus, eggplant, apricots, winter pear, mint, all kinds of berries, pumpkins, and 30 other types of fruits and vegetables. Trellises in perfect rows, along the Spirits and Hops Trail, hold up bright green hops that are used nationwide to flavor beers. And of course, of particular interest to those embarking on wine country tours, the famous vineyards form their own exclusive breed of viticulturists who are always happy to debate the harvest's yield and present fine bottles of wine, many of which are coveted throughout the country.

Pick up a Yakima Valley agricultural map showing the lay of the farmland. Farm roads and dirt tracks alongside fields can be taken by car. Stop by roadside stands to savor the large variety of offerings or gather your own at U-pick spots. You'll also find a number of wine country hotels available for you to stay in during your travels.

Yakima Valley Farms



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